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Dr. Angel Abraham

Angel Abraham, ND

Dr. Abraham’s interest in uncovering the root causes of disease led her to pursue her intense passion for Naturopathic Medicine. She is a distinguished graduate of the University of Bridgeport School of Naturopathic Medicine. She has the pleasure of working at Tao Vitality, which offers superior laboratory tests for Lyme’s disease, nutritional status and food sensitivities than are available through most conventional medical practices. Her current interests are Lyme’s disease, IBS and IBD, conditions of unexplained fatigue, anxiety and depression, as well as endocrinology.   Dr. Abraham is a firm believer that wellness is a choice. She encourages her patients to recognize and cultivate self-regulation, responsiveness, and emotional freedom even in the midst of disease, difficult circumstances, as well as debilitating stress, anxiety and depression through meditation and other self-regulating modalities. She roots her practice in evidence based medicine, and thus supports the direction of medical research in the past few decades. Old and emerging research indicates that while diseases manifest in the body, they often have a strong correlation to the past trauma, as well as the current emotional, spiritual, and social spheres of a person’s life.   With those developments in mind and the ever-widening media coverage on the importance of mental health and wellness in America, Dr. Abraham seeks to broaden the way her patients see illness and wellness, helping them choose acceptance and freedom even while living with chronic and terminal disease.