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Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT, llc.

Empowering Individuals and Couples  

Sherri Rainingbird is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in CT and NY.

She graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and certification from the CT Center for Gestalt Therapy. 

She earned her BSBA at Suffolk University in Boston, MA.

Sherri is certified in EMDR II, Gestalt, Hypnosis, and Sexual Assault Crisis Support. 

Sherri offers a solid therapeutic environment of safety, skill, compassion,  collaboration, artfulness, respect, humor and success for over 22 years in practice – and is excited to support you!

Sherri Rainingbird, LMFT creatively responds to the individual needs of each client and couple she supports.  Sherri blends Eastern Philosophy, yogic wisdom, Western psychology, trauma release, mindfulness, neuroplasticity and brain health, EMDR, Integrative Breath-work, Gestalt, meditation, solution-focused/heart-centered relationship coaching.

Sherri honors the individual’s innate ability to gain clarity, transform, heal and thrive when given the correct circumstances, motivation, support and guidance.  She approaches the therapeutic relationship as a creative, collaborative, inspiring, and empowering journey unique to each individual and couple. The client’s journey is an inward exploration of honoring one’s experiences, clearing out, shifting perceptions, healing, making new choices, and creating life and wellness consciously. 

Sometimes the initial goal is simply to gain relief from anxiety, panic, or the chronic stress and pressure.  Physical symptoms, conflict, stagnation, or just a sense of “being tired of being overwhelmed” may be the catalyst to starting therapy.  Sherri helps her client’s set realistic goals, dig-in. and enjoy success in a process that is structured AND organic; as both are essential to transformation, human nature and healthy relationship to self, others, and our communities. 

 Sherri’s post-graduate work focused on substance use disorder, trauma, PTSD, eating disorders, addiction and family recovery, and chronic pain and illness.  She also assisted families adopting internationally in assessment, adjustment, and cultural integration.  She has worked in treatment facilities, clinics, primary and integrative medical practices and in private practice in CT, NY, NM, and FL. 

In both her training and post-graduate work, Sherri saw the impact, cost, limitations, and health risks to individuals, couples, and families who suffer from unresolved trauma, substance abuse, limited communication tools, negative patterns and perceptions, over-extended lives, and poor coping skills. 

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To her traditional training she sought paths to offer deeper healing and solutions for her clients.   embarked on studies and experiences on mind/body/energy practices.  Studying and integrating the teachings and practices of  Jon Kabat-Zinn, Stanislov Grof, Joan Boryensenko, Brian Weiss, Daniel Amen, Ekhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Alberto Villoldo, Caroline and Charles Muir and many others.  She has participated in indigenous healing ceremony and facilitates transformational retreats and workshops.  Sherri has offered EMDR for over a decade with her client’s experiencing long-lasting results.

Having co-facilitated Kripalu’s Inner Quest Intensive for 8 years, Sherri is forever grateful for how this continues to enrich her work with clients and their lives as they practice the tools :  authentic communication, holding space, integrative breath work, radical self-compassion, surrender, allowing, opening, and full authentic passionate living. She empowers her clients to enjoy long-term results and new possibilities in all areas of their lives.



Trauma and PTSD



Couples Counseling:  including LGBQT, conscious uncoupling, ethnically diverseopen-nest, recovering couples, non-traditional relationships                 

Support for Parents and Partners of loved ones struggling with Substance Use Disorder   

Grief and Loss

Empowering Women of All Ages

When Sherri is not supporting clients, she can be found hiking, dancing, kayaking, acting, enjoying the arts, spending time with friends and family, building with cobb, traveling and volunteering.    ______