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Rethinking the Diagnosis of “You’re Just Getting Older”

Rethinking the Diagnosis of “You’re Just Getting Older”

Erectile dysfunction, painful vaginal intercourse, hair loss or thinning, bladder incontinence and sagging skin are “normal” struggles we face as we age. However, “aging” has been treated as a catch-all diagnosis for many people who seek real solutions from health care providers. While practical, effective treatments for life’s most common complaints were few and far between, a new method of regenerative medicine called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has finally made it possible to rethink the doctor’s diagnosis of “you’re getting older.”

Therapies with PRP use an injection of platelets and plasma-derived from the recipient’s own blood, directly into the area of concern. In a few treatments, PRP can restore, improve, or regenerate function, and eliminates the need for hormones and expensive pills, which offer moderate to minimal relief from the physical conditions accompanying aging.

To Dr. Myriah Hinchey, Naturopathic Doctor, owner of Tao Center for Vitality, Longevity and Optimal Health LLC in Hebron CT, and cofounder of Renovare LLC at Tao, PRP is the most sensible solution that will bridge the “quick fix” gap for regenerative approaches to aging. In addition to personalized lifestyle and nutrition plans, PRP offers patients immediate and long-lasting solutions for erectile dysfunction, painful vaginal intercourse, hair loss or thinning, bladder incontinence and sagging skin.

Dr. Hinchey specializes in anti-aging and regenerative medicine at Renovare LLC. When she discovered PRP, the effects of the treatments were incomparable to anything she saw on the market. She witnessed improvements in patients which could not be mimicked by pharmaceuticals or botanical medicine. Her fellow co-founder, Dr. Kendra Becker, ND/APRN added to Dr. Hinchey’s sentiment, declaring that she felt she “owed it” to her patients to offer PRP, a ground-breaking treatment with phenomenal returns.

PRP Harnesses the Power of Natural Healing

The regenerative process of healing is a complex interplay of different blood and tissue components. The body’s inherent healing and regenerative properties are usually only activated after an injury to a tissue, in the third phase of healing. In the third phase of healing, damaged tissue is eaten away and brand new tissue is laid down. The catalyst of the regenerative process during tissue healing is growth factors, which facilitate communication between cells responsible for creating new tissue from collagen, elastin and fibrin. Collagen draws water like a magnet, elastin provides tensile strength, and fibrin binds everything together tightly. Since growth factors are present in large numbers within blood component molecules called platelets, PRP or “platelet-rich plasma”, is used to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin and fibrin in areas that are not acutely traumatized. Injecting PRP catalyzes the rejuvenation and regeneration process wherever the material is injected.

How is PRP made and what are the risks?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is prepared by drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood and concentrating platelets in a small volume of plasma using a centrifuge and FDA cleared kit. The PRP is then injected back into the patient for targeted healing. Concentrated platelets can help to enhance cellular signals essential in repairing injured bodily tissues by attracting stem cells circulating in your body to the area for healing and regenerating to occur naturally. Growth factors help to produce collagen and elastin which rebuild your connective tissue and repair your skin, without side effects, downtime, toxins or artificial compounds. Since it is derived from the recipient’s own blood, allergy or contamination with dangerous blood-borne pathogens is even less likely than if one were to receive a blood transfusion.

How can PRP be used for anti-aging purposes?

PRP can be injected into various parts of the body to counteract physiological degenerative conditions such as urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, and hair thinning in men and women, as well as cosmetic purposes for face, neck, and breasts. PRP can reduce the visible signs of aging instantly, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, eyes, and mouth areas. PRP enhances collagen and elastin and attracts stem cells, which help to regenerate targeted fat deposits that contribute to a youthful appearance and vibrant glow.

Who can administer PRP?

All procedures are performed by highly trained medical professionals. The practices are evidence-based and industry-standard using FDA cleared kits to ensure that the patient receives desired outcomes associated with the treatments.

What can I expect?

Depending on the individual’s habits and personal care practices, results using PRP can vary. So as always, taking care of oneself using dietary, lifestyle, and supplement therapies can enhance the benefits of PRP and impact the outcome of the procedures.

Where do I begin?

If you think you are a good candidate for PRP treatments, booking an appointment at Renovare LLC at Tao is easy. Treatments are done on an outpatient basis and are typically one to two hours. The patient receives a simple blood draw procedure, is numbed prior to injections, and requires no downtime post-procedure.

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