Carly Sage, MSCarly Sage, M.S., INHC, FDNP, IHP, AADP is a Clinical Functional Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner.

She works closely with the naturopathic physicians at TAO to reinforce therapeutic interventions for stress reduction and management (including BrainTap and HRV therapy), Lyme protocols, food allergy issues, functional medicine detoxification programs, dietary changes, and other complementary lifestyle modifications.

Carly’s expertise will help to logistically and strategically carry out the recommendations made by your doctor to increase the speed and positive outcome of your recovery process and to help troubleshoot obstacles you may experience in a practical, effective, simple manner.

Carly Sage is dedicated to using a variety of evidence-based practices with a food-as-medicine philosophy. Carly guides the individual in rebalancing the body and mind by addressing underlying causes of symptoms and health concerns at the root cause level. This functional medicine systems-biology-based approach is designed to support the body’s innate healing mechanism in order to prevent, mitigate, and reverse chronic conditions naturally. The ultimate goal is to promote vibrancy and optimize the quality of healthspan and lifespan.

Carly’s comprehensive approach identifies deficiencies and toxicities blocking the body from functioning optimally (including stressors, toxicities, nutrient insufficiencies, food sensitivities, gut imbalances, hidden infections, environmental triggers, genetic predispositions, etc.). Her method promotes digestive and gut health, nervous system rebalancing, detoxification, and relies on lab testing, therapeutic foods, and necessary supplementation with integrative healing modalities for a holistic approach to cultivating mind-body balance. Carly works closely with each client to empower self-care and facilitate practical solutions for sustainable health and wellness.

Carly became passionate about her work after experiencing a loss of health that left her debilitated and looking for answers. She restored her health, switched careers, and learned how to guide clients in the process of healing and uncover their best self, naturally.  As a multi-tasking mother, entrepreneur, community facilitator, and lifelong student, Carly is passionate about being a living example of reclaiming health and vitality. By going back to basics and practicing oxygen first, she continues to prove that it’s never too late to look and feel your best, at any age.