We all envision living a long and healthy life, symptom and disease-free. Yet the reality is that most of us suffer from some pervasive health issues or chronic illnesses. There is a solution, however. If you are like many people who are not seeing results using conventional medicine alone, consider naturopathic medicine.

How Are Naturopathic Doctors Different From Traditional Doctors?

Naturopaths are trained in all of the basic medical sciences that standard medical doctors are trained in. However, naturopathic physicians artfully blend modern, cutting-edge diagnostic, and therapeutic procedures with ancient methods.  They design individualized treatment plans integrating both traditional health care wisdom and the latest evidence-based research in order to restore, maintain, and optimize health naturally using a whole-person approach.

How Do Naturopaths Support Healing?

A naturopath designs a tailored treatment plan based on the understanding that health is determined mostly by food, environmental, and lifestyle factors – “epigenetics” that directly impact how our unique genetic predispositions towards certain diseases are expressed. This approach goes against conventional wisdom, underscoring the truth that we are not “doomed” according to family history.  Instead, the patient is empowered to take control of his or her health as a lifelong practice. Fostering education and sustainable changes in the person’s lifestyle habits are seen as essential to the process of healing and cultivating wellbeing.

Determining lifestyle factors that positively impact treatment outcomes allows naturopaths to effectively identify imbalances that are the underlying root causes of disease to restore function and rebuild health using a systems-biology approach, as seen in the modern functional medicine and psycho-endo-neuro-immunology (PENI) medicine paradigms. Similarly, naturopathy acknowledges that everything is ultimately connected and interdependent. Reflecting this, naturopathic medicine incorporates diversified diagnostic and treatment tools that utilize integrative therapies and emotional/spiritual techniques to rebalance the whole person, which include techniques such as labs, nutrition, supplementation, stress reduction, botanicals, and more.   

In addition, scientifically-backed and clinically proven anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and innovative techniques are showing promising results in the latest healing research:

The collective use of these diverse treatment methods in naturopathic medicine focuses on targeted ways to recalibrate the body systemically.  

Implementing lifestyle modifications such as optimizing sleep, exercise, stress reduction/stress management, cultivating healthy relationships and social networks, and improving mindset further promote healing and emphasize the whole-person approach to healing.

Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food

Foundational to the practice of naturopathic medicine is using food as a form of medicine to support emotional, mental, and physical health. Optimal nutrition allows the body to function, heal, and age optimally. What we consume on a daily basis is essentially a potent drug that acts either like poison or medicine in your body and is the #1 way to change our genetic expression and to prevent, mitigate, and even reverse chronic illness.

What Kinds of Conditions Can Naturopathic Medicine Help to Resolve?

The naturopathic approach is known to successfully treat patients with conditions that range from acne and allergies to obesity and metabolic imbalances, autoimmune disease, digestive disorders, reproductive and hormonal imbalances, mood and emotional dysregulation, cognitive impairment, autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and persistent infections like Lyme Disease. Most diseases are merely a label for myriad underlying root causes that can be addressed.

Naturopathic Medicine is Lifestyle Medicine

Most chronic conditions are NOT the inevitable consequences of the aging process. Research shows that up to 70% of doctor visits have a predominantly lifestyle-based cause, and that “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes”, also known as Lifestyle Medicine, can resolve them.

This is validated by numerous national health organizations and associations, such as the National Institute of Health, American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association. They recommend lifestyle behavior modification as the “first line of treatment” for conditions most doctors see every day.

Bottom line: naturopathic medicine does not treat disease – it treats the cause of the disease. It is designed to prime the body for healing using integrative methods and lifestyle medicine. This empowering approach improves the quality of healthspan and lifespan for its patients.

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