When Traditional Doctors Can't Find A Solution

It’s an all-too-common scenario. You’ve been suffering from a cocktail of vague and seemingly unrelated symptoms for months, even years now…fatigue, brain fog, aches and pains, memory loss, poor sleep, low libido, weight gain, food cravings, mood issues like anxiety or depression, skin rashes, hormone imbalances, headaches, or digestive problems. You finally make an appointment with your doctor to get some answers (that Dr. Google can’t provide), only to be given a mere 15 minutes to rattle off your laundry list of complaints, desperate for some validation. You’re given a prescription or two and sent home with the discomforting assessment that what you’re experiencing is “just a part of normal life” due to genetics or aging. You leave feeling defeated, hopeless, and frustrated. Perhaps you then go from doctor to doctor, only to be told that you’re fine, there’s nothing wrong, and even worse…it’s all in your head.

Or, perhaps you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBS, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes, a reproductive issue, or an autoimmune disease. You are told the unsettling news that you can’t reverse the condition -- you simply have to take medication to manage it for the rest of your life and hope it doesn’t get worse.

NOW WHAT? What to do if you feel like you are out of options

While these kinds of predicaments are common, they don’t have to be “normal”. The good news is that while suffering from health issues seems isolating, you’re not alone. The better news is that there are solutions to identify and address the reasons why you’re suffering – because there are actual reasons.

The fact is, while conventional Western medicine is necessary for acute conditions, the methods used don’t address the myriad of chronic conditions plaguing so many individuals on a day-to-day basis. Thankfully, Naturopathic medicine is designed to do just this. The methods used not only prevent chronic conditions from developing in the first place, they effectively identify the root causes of symptoms and dis-ease, rebalance the body at the foundational level, and promote healing and resolution, even reversal of health conditions – many of which are thought to be untreatable through the lens of conventional medicine, regardless of what your genetic predispositions may be.

How does Naturopathic Medicine Compare to Conventional Medicine?

Many people are familiar with the terms “Naturopathic Doctor” or “Naturopath” but may not fully grasp the breadth of their practice or what distinguishes them from conventional medical physicians. According to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) and the Institute for Natural Medicine (INM), naturopathic medicine originated in the 1890s.

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It has seen a recent surge in popularity due to a shift in consumer demand to resolve health issues holistically, drawing them towards naturopathy which uses prevention, wellness, and respect for nature's inherent healing ability to restore and maintain health and prevent further illness. Naturopathy minimizes standard medical treatments such as surgery and synthetic pharmaceuticals in lieu of natural approaches designed to resolve the underlying root causes of illness, without harsh side effects seen in conventional methods and using a personalized treatment plan.

Naturopathy minimizes standard medical treatments such as surgery and synthetic pharmaceuticals in lieu of natural approaches designed to resolve the underlying root causes of illness, without harsh side effects seen in conventional methods and using a personalized treatment plan.

The Core Principles of Naturopathic Medicine set it apart from the conventional medical paradigm in this manner and have contributed to its increasing demand:

  1. The Healing Power Of Nature
  2. Identify And Treat The Cause
  3. First Do No Harm
  4. Treat The Whole Person
  5. The Physician As Teacher
  6. Prevention is the Best Cure

Naturopathy identifies how a minor imbalance within the body can produce a biological snowball effect impacting overall physiological function. This eventually leads to poor health and chronic illness. Research shows that chronic diseases are caused by our daily lifestyle habits – what we eat, movement and exercise, sleep patterns, how we handle stress, work, our mindset, environment, and our relationships and social networks. Naturopathic medicine enlists evidence-based and clinically proven “Lifestyle Medicine” approaches to relieve symptoms, restore optimal function, and promote overall health by rebalancing the body.

As Dr. Myriah Hinchey ND, owner and Medical Director of TAO Vitality states:

“Diseases are just clusters of symptoms caused by some disruption in the body’s biochemistry. Once the cause is identified and this disruption is corrected the body will heal itself. I focus on assisting the body to function at its optimal potential for health. These diseases are your body’s way of telling you that you are doing something wrong. Either you are not getting enough of what your body needs to function properly or you are getting something that is acting as a poison in your body. It’s really that simple.”

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If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired or feel like you aren't being given the attention or support you deserve from your current health practitioner, know that real solutions are available as an alternative to conventional band-aid treatments. If you are ready for lasting changes that can reverse conditions you thought you simply had to live with, consider working with a Naturopathic doctor and discover how to experience healing, wellness, and a better quality of life. 

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